Laundry Powder 1kg


Formulated for over 25 years by Lightning Products, ‘Euca’ Laundry Powder is a proprietary brand and formulation, so we cannot totally disclose 100% of what is in Euca, nor how we blend it. We can however ensure you that Euca is independently tested and is amongst the lowest in all trace elements associated with environmental degradation. It is not commonly understood that having very small amounts of phosphate in laundry powders allows exceptional cleaning performance and is often kinder to the environment than the building agents and fillers used to replace the phosphates. The small amount of phosphate used in Euca is actually food grade and readily degradable. The percentage of phosphate used in Euca Laundry Powder is below the Australian Standards considered environmentally responsible. Euca, independently tested, contains over 35 times fewer salts than common brands.

Euca and all Lightning Products do not test on animals and are 100% Australian made and owned.

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